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Raising Service Standards

How would you rate service standards in Singapore? What can be done to raise the levels of service excellence and customer satisfaction?

The level of service standards can be as varied as the people providing them. Singapore companies deal with an extremely cosmopolitan mix of clientele, from almost every country of Asia as well as every continent. Client expectations vary according to their own geo-socio-economic background, and that same background will vary the levels of good manners extended to those providing the service. We need to break racial stereotyping beliefs held by customers and staff. You should not pre-judge that a person from a specific country will behave in a certain way. You should not judge a book by its cover. If the standard operating procedure is to behave in a certain way to a customer, that must be extended to every customer, regardless of their dress, ethnicity, manners and mannerisms. Companies need to be genuinely motivated to raise their game in service standards in Singapore. Mystery shopping is a major help and then ultimately it's down to training.

Raising Service Standards

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